Compromís-Podemos coalition win in Valencia may place Monica Oltra in line for Valencia presidency

Monica Oltra at the Compromís-Podemos final campaign rally in Valencia. Photo: Miguel Lorenzo / El Periódico
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• Compromís-Podemos coalition came in 2nd in general elections in Valencia

• Coalition now wants to renegotiate terms of its agreement with governing PSOE

The Dec. 20th general election results in the autonomous community of Valencia have catapulted the region’s current vice-president, Monica Oltra, into the political limelight nationwide, with some observers saying she could be positioned to replace the Socialist party’s Ximo Puig as president of Valencia at the next regional elections in 2019.

Oltra’s Compromís party was formed in 2010 through a coalition of Oltra’s own Iniciativa del Poble Valencià party (Iniciativa, or Valencian People’s Initiative), the Bloc Nacionalista Valencià (Bloc, or Valencian Nationalist Bloc), the Verds Equo group of environmentalists and independent parties on the left.

In 2015, Compromís joined with the national anti-austerity party Podemos to form the Compromís-Podemos-És el moment coalition which captured 25.08 percent of the votes in the Valencian community and win 9 seats in Congress, ahead of the Socialist PSOE party of current Valencian president Puig and just 2 seats behind the conservative Partido Popular (PP), which netted 9 seats in the congressional election.

On Jan. 3rd, Oltra and Podemos representative Antonio Montiel announced they now will seek to renegotiate terms of their agreement with the PSOE earlier this year that lent their support to the selection of Puig as Valencian president. Puig has responded with a tentative agreement to begin talks on broadening the agreement.

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