Film shows German Stuka bomber raids willfully killed Spanish civilians to test planes for WWII use

German 'Stuka' bombers. Photo: Keystone/Getty via The Telegraph
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• Documentary to show German Stukas killed Spanish civilians in ‘practice’ raid

• May 1938 Castellón aerial bombing solely to test Stukas for later use in WWII

A new documentary tilm about a 1938 Nazi bombing raid on four villages in the municipality of Castellón in the Valencia region shows that the air raids were carried out as a technical trial run to test the capacity of German Stuka dive bombers before the onset of World War II.

Based on the work of an historian from the village of Benassal, where 15 people were killed in the bombinb raid, the Experimento Stuka documentary has found evidence that the air raids on the four villages without any warming to the civilian population were calculatedly planned as a test of Nazi Germany’s air power in May 1938.

In all, 38 people — many women and children — were killed in the air raids, carried out by Junkers 87 “Stuka” bombers using 250-kg bombs and flown by German Condor Legion pilots operating out of an air base in Tarragona, then held by General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces.

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