CUP assembly deadlocks, party leadership now to decide approval of Artur Mas as Catalan president

CUP leaders Anna Gabriel & David Fernández during assembly debate. Photo: Albert Garcia / El País
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• Ballot deadlock after three rounds of voting sends issue to party leadership

• If no decision before Jan. 10th, new regional elections must be set for March

Members of Catalonia’s small anti-capitalist CUP party failed to reach agreement in a general assembly vote Sunday as to whether or not the party will back acting Catalan President Artur Mas for another term in office.

Voting among the 3,030 CUP members and supporters present went to a third round before the party leadership announced the statistically stymieing result of an exact 1515-1515 tie in the balloting over whether the CUP should accept a proposal for support submitted by Mas’s own Junts pel Si pro-independence coalition.

The CUP won 10 seats in the Catalan parliament in Sept. 27 elections, but for three months the party leadership has refused to lend its votes to the Junts pel Si coalition to enable Mas to take office. The stalemate in the CUP balloting on Sunday kicks the issue to a party leadership conference now scheduled for Jan. 2nd.

If Catalonia’s parliament does not name a new President for the region before Jan. 10th, new regional elections will automatically be called and scheduled to take place in March.

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