Spain to protect marine mammals by restricting exploratory drilling within Mediterranean corridor

Dolphins swimming off Catalonia's Cap de Creus. Photo: El País
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• Ibiza-based Alianza Mar Blava says gov’t to set aside coastal areas

• Move will halt planned drilling activities by three international companies

The Ibiza-based environmental NGO Alianza Mar Blava has announced that Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment is about to initiate proceedings to clear a migration corridor for marine mammals along the Valencian and Catalan coastlines off-limits to oil and gas exploration activities.

According to Alianza Mar Blava spokesman Carlos Bravo, such a designation by the Spanish government would make hycrocarbon exploratory drilling “an insurmountable obsctalce” for three companies hoping to expand drilling activities in the area, Cairn Energy, Schlumberger and Services Petroliers Geo Spectrum Limited.

The NGO said Spanish ministry representatives revealed the government plan in a meeting with Alianza Mar Blava and representatives of the companies.

The area to be set aside as a no-go area for oil and gas drilling will be considered a specially protected area of importance, under the terms of the UN’s 1995 Barcelona convention for protection of the Mediterranean.

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