Guides to the parties, the candidates & what’s at stake in Spain’s 2015 general elections on Sunday

Clockwise, top left: PSOE’s Pedro Sánchez, PP’s Mariano Rajoy, C’s Albert Rivera & Podemos’ Pablo Iglesias. Photo: El País
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• PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos & Podemos lineup for the final countdown

• General elections to decide who governs Spain in 2016 and beyond

With just days to go before Spain’s Dec. 20th general elections, several guides for the non-native speaker of Spanish to the ins-and-outs of politics and the electoral system in Spain have conveniently been published in English online.

Here in Spain, El País in English has produced “A guiri’s guide to the Spanish election”, summing up for foreigners resident in Spain (known to Spaniards as ‘guiris’) precisely “Who’s who, what are they promising, how are they faring and why you should care”.

Likewise, The Local’s portal for news from Spain has come up with a piece titled, “Spanish general election: the key players” that outlines the competing parties and the principal candidates standing for election on Sunday.

Internationally, The Huffington Post has produced an in-depth guide to Sundays’ elections, penned by Nicholas Miriello, Senior Editor, International, and titled “What You Need To Know About Spain’s Crowded Election Race.”

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