Animal rights group denounces local government permits to shoot greyhounds abandoned by owners

Photo: Josep Lluís Sellart / El País
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• Authorities in Ávila encourage hunters to kill stray animals

• Group says abandoned dogs should be trapped, not shot by hunters

Animal rights group Justicia Animal has called on authorities in the provincial capital of Ávila to revoke permission granted to local hunters to track down and shoot two stray greyhound dogs in the municipality of Langa.

Hunters had been authorized by the local authorities since Dec. 9th to shoot the dogs, which are believed to have been abandoned by their owners. Because the hunters had not yet found and shot the animals, the permission was extended.

The animal rights group says it has cared for many abandoned greyhounds and that the animals often escape from their owners because of their harsh treatment.

It said another animal rights group specialized in caring for mistreated and stray animals is proposing using cages to trap the animals and has called on the local authorities to cancel the permit to shoot the dogs.

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