Podemos leader says technology, social media increasingly important to democracy in Spain

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias. Photo: AndaluciaInformacion.es
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• Iglesias says younger voters’ use of social media key to Podemos campaign

• Investment in renewables could create more than 300,000 jobs per year

The growing use of Internet technologies and social media in Spain have helped to increase public debate in Spain and will increase citizen participation in the democratic process, Podemos party leader Pablo Iglesias said in an interview published Thursday as he campaigned in Andalucia.

Iglesias said that younger Spaniards are particularly attuned to the use of social media in the democratic arena and that he is convinced their support will be instrumental in his party’s showing in the upcoming Dec. 20th general elections.

At the same time, Iglesias said that renewable energies must be part of an overall plan for the “re-industrialization of Spain” and said that his party’s own National Energy Transition Plan calls for the creation of more than 300,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector annually.

Iglesias said that investment of public and private investment in renewables and that the public and government could realize big savings through implementation of energy efficiency programs and construction of more energy efficient buildings across Spain.

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