Torture, police brutality and abuse on the rise in Spain, says rights-monitoring federation of NGOs

Photo: David Fernández / Diagonal
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• CDPT federation cites 194 cases, affecting 960 individuals in 2014

• Abuse occurs during police actions against protesters, raids & detention

A federation of more than 50 non-governmental organizations in Spain has released a report documenting more than 194 cases of torture or police brutality affecting 960 individuals in Spain during 2014.

In a report titled La Tortura en el Estado Español (‘Torture Under the Spanish State’), the Coordinadora para la Prevención y Denuncia de la Tortura (CPDT) documented the transgressions it said amounted to torture in cases in which individuals were in the custody of government officials, detention centers or prisons, or during police raids or actions against public protesters.

The CPDT, which has been documenting instances of torture in Spain and releasing the results of its annual surveys since 2004, noted that during the past decade there have been 2,931 instances of torture or police abuse in Spain, impacting more than 7,500 individuals.

The organization said the number of cases had risen sharply since 2011, beginning with police actions against protesters associated with Spain’s indignados movement, police raids and evictions of so-called okupa squatter communities and the detention and abuse of protesters while in custody.

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