Podemos-backed ‘En Comú Podem’ coalition to campaign on Catalans’ right to referendum

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau & Xavier Domènech, candidate for En Comú Podem coalition. Photo: La Vanguardia
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• En Comú Podem sets sights on referendum measure over secession

• Left coalition sees negotiated plebiscite as only way forward for Cataluña

The candidate at the top of the list for Cataluña’s En Comú Podem coalition, Xavier Domènech, has said the coalition will make clear in campaigning in the upcoming Dec. 20th general elections their position that Catalans should be granted the right to vote in a referendum on independence from Spain.

The En Comú Podem coalition includes the Catalan section of the national insurgent-left Podemos party, as well as left parties ICV, EUiA, and activist organizations Equo y recently elected Barcelona mayor Ada Colau’s Barcelona en Comú platform.

En Comú Podem’s position vis a vis a Catalan referendum has placed it to the right of the Catalan Parliament’s secessionist majority Junts pel Sí coalition, comprised of acting President Artur Mas’s conservative CDC party and the nationalist-left ERC party, but to the left of Spain’s Socialist party (PSOE), which favors a Constitutional reform to give Cataluña and other regions greater autonomy from the central government.

Domènech has said that while En Comú Podem would be willing to consider a reform to Spain’s constitution after Dec. 20th, that should not preclude giving Catalan’s the opportunity to vote in a legally binding referendum on their future within or outside the Spanish state.

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