Poll suggests Spanish voters turning toward PP & PSOE, away from Podemos & Ciudadanos parties

PSOE's Pedro Sánchez and PP's Mariano Rajoy. Photos: Noticias 24 horas - RTVE.es
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• Poll in wake of Paris terrorist attacks show Spaniards turning to main parties

• Political unrest in Cataluña, possible terror attacks in Spain seen driving shift

An opinion poll conducted in the wake of the Nov. 9th terrorist attacks in Paris suggests that Spanish voters are turning toward the country’s two main political parties and away from upstart political challengers on the right and the left in the run-up to Dec. 20th general elections.

A survey conducted between Oct. 26 and Nov. 19th by the GAD3 polling organization on behalf of conservative newspaper ABC shows that both the conservative ruling Partido Popular (PP) and the mainstay left-opposition Socialist party (PSOE) seem to be gaining in support as fears of turmoil mount in Spain over the Paris attacks and the drive toward independence by secessionists in the northern region of Cataluña.

While neither party would win an outright majority, the GAD3 poll showed that as of Nov. 20th the PP would win 28.5 percent of the vote for 129 seats in the 350-seat parliament, while the PSOE would win 22.8 percent, giving it 93 seats.

The insurgent-left Podemos party regained some ground, winning 15.6 percent under the GAD3 poll’s scenario, with center-right Ciudadanos, gathering 16.4 percent of the vote.

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