Catalonia’s Artur Mas fails second bid for regional presidency, as anti-capitalist CUP party stands firm

Photo: Lluis Gene / AFP via The Local
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• Anti-capitalist CUP party keeps pledge to refuse to seat Mas as President

• Back to ‘drawing boards’ for Junts pel Sí coalition as negotiations resume

Catalonia’s pro-Independence Junts pel Sí (Together for Yes) majority in Parliament failed to win a second bid to seat acting President Artur Mas as the autonomous region’s President going forward.

Junts pel Sí, comprised of Mas’s own conservative CDC party in coalition with the ERC (Catalan Republican Left) party, needed just two seats to augment their combined 68 seats in parliament won at the 27 September regional elections in order to seat Mas as President or face the possibility of new regional elections in March.

Junts pel Sí has so far been unable to convince the anti-capitalist and Euro-sceptic CUP party leadership through two rounds of voting to cast at least two of its 10 votes in favor of Mas’s candidacy. The CUP continues to claim it will not vote for Mas as President, blaming him for draconian cuts to public spending and citing allegations of corruption swirling around his CDC party.

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