Latest poll shows conservative PP could win Dec. 20 election, Socialists’ & Ciudadanos’ vote share rising

Graphic: El País
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• Conservative governing party seen ahead in voter-preference poll

• Coalition government likely following Dec. 20th general elections

A new election poll issued by Spain’s CIS research centre shows the ruling conservative Partido Popular (PP) would win the upcoming Dec. 20 national elections if the balloting were held today.

At the same time, the CIS poll showed that the vote share of the center-left opposition Socialists (PSOE) and fledgling center-right Ciudadanos party are rising, while voter preference for the insurgent-left Podemos party has fallen sharply, placing it in fourth place among the leading parties.

The CIS poll results reinforce other recent polls suggesting that a coalition government would likely end up governing Spain beginning next year. The polls suggest that Ciudadanos would likely be the junior coalition partners, with either the PP or PSOE leading the new government.

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