Bullfighting on the wane in Spain, as youth no longer identify with once-national pastime

Photo: Getty Images/El País
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• Younger generations of Spaniards are largely disinterested in bullfighting

• Local and regional bans on the spectacle are growing throughout Spain

Spain’s erstwhile “national fiesta” has seen a drop in popularity, as successive younger generations no longer identify with what was once seen as emblematic of the Spanish character and part of national culture.

Despite the support of former Spanish monarch Juan Carlos, a well-organized bullfighting lobby and die-hard fans in select bastions of the spectacle around Spain, a series of high-profile bans by municipal and regional governments since 2011 have generated protests on both sides of the issue, along with negative press and national and international attention accompanied by a sharp decline in interest among Spain’s youth.

Regional and local bans on bullfighting began in the Canary Islands, spread to Catalonia in 2011 and appear to be catching on in other parts of Spain, as well.

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