#VIDEO: LGBT activists’ march in Madrid to demand end to transgender discrimination in Spain

Video: Fundación Daniela/El País
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• March organizers demand transgender orientation not be treated as illness

• Protest will call on lawmakers to legislate equality for transgender individuals

Spanish LGBT activists will march Saturday Oct 24th through Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood to protest discrimination against transgender individuals and to call for the end to treatment of transexuality as an illness in Psychology manuals in Spain.

Organized by Spain’s Daniela Foundation with support from Spain’s nationwide Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals (FELGBT), the march will mark what organizers are calling a “Dia of De-Patholigization of Transexuality” and will emphasize that a person’s sexual identity is determined by how that individual feels about and identifies him- or herself and not by their genitals or other physical characteristics.

The organizers have released a Spanish-language video about transgender sexuality among young people in Spain and say that continued references to transexuality as an illness in medical and psychological treatment manuals in Spain are anachronistic and serve to stigmatize and marginalize transgender people.

They say they are calling on Spanish legislators to adapt the country’s laws to accommodate transgender individuals and give them equal rights under the law in Spain.

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