Massive Andasol solar plant in Andalusia provides power to half a million Spaniards

Photo: Reuters
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• Solar plant in mountains near Granada supplies power to 600,000 homes

• More than 620,000 mirrors span an area the size of 200 football pitches

Spain’s Andasol solar plant in Andalusia, opened in 2009 as Europe’s first “parabolic trough” solar facility, relies on about 620,000 curved mirrors to capture the sun’s energy and provide electrcity to half a million Spaniards.

The glass from the mirrors alone would cover 1.5 square kms — the size of more than 200 football pitches. Sitting at an altitude of 1,100 meters in a remote area near the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Andasol is located about 70kms from the city of Granada.

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