Women win lawsuit against Ryanair in Spain

Ryanair 'Red Hot Fares & Crew' promotion banned in 2012 by UK watchdog. Image: Daily Mail

• Malaga court rules Ryanair’s ‘Red Hot Fares & Crews’ sexist, unlawful in Spain
• Feminist groups laud decision on adverts, banned as offensive in UK in 2012

Spain’s Federation of Progressive Women (Federación de Mujeres Progresistas) is celebrating victory over European discount airline Ryan air in the wake of a court ruling in Malaga that the use of photos of female air hostesses clad in bikinis in advertising “Red Hot Fares & Crew” is sexist and therefore “unlawful and unfair” under Spanish law.

The Spanish umbrella group representing women’s rights organizations nationwide presented the case along with the consumer rights group ADECUA, with the support of the Public Prosecutors’ office in Malaga, the Instituto de la Mujer and Spain’s federal Attorney General’s office Audiencia Nacional, claiming that the use of scantily clad models to represent the airline’s “red hot” fares and crew demeaned women through the use of stereotyped behaviors and blatantly violates the principle of equality between men and women enshrined in Spanish law.

The Audiencia Nacional last week dismissed arguments presented by Ryanair in requesting an appeal of the Malaga Court verdict. In 2012, a similar advertising campaign was banned in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which concluded the advertisements were likely to cause “widespread offence” to the public.

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