#VIDEO: PACMA takes on bull-slaughter festival

Torito del Alba 2016, one of two events in annual bull-slaughter festival in Benavente, Zamora. Photo: PACMA via YouTube
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• Animal-rights party to take legal action over mistreatment of bulls in festival
• Bulls subject to unimaginable levels of suffering, stress while led to slaughter

Spanish animal-rights party PACMA says it will take legal action against the town of Benavente, in the Castilla-León province of Zamora, for having allegedly failed to abide by regional laws and regulations during a local bull-slaughter festival in which it says the animals were “mistreated and subjected to unimaginable levels of suffering and stress.”

In this year’s edition of Benavente’s Torito del Alba and Toro Enmaromado events, part of the town’s annual Corpus Christi festival in which bulls surrounded by a large crowd of jeering locals are taunted, prodded and dragged through the streets of the town en route to the local slaughterhouse, PACMA said in a statement that the two animals involved were clearly suffering and called for “prohibition of all festivals in which animals are tortured, as were these bulls.”

Ten years of protests by PACMA and other animal-rights campaigners in Spain convinced the Castilla-León regional government to pass a regulation earlier this month banning the killing of bulls by local people using swords and lances annual Toro de la Vega festival in the town of Tordesillas.

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